New Video: Project Management Basics

Do Projects Really Need Management?

If you've worked on a team at work or at school, you've seen how projects can evolve into chaos. Our goal with this video (recommended by Common Craft members) is to outline the basics of how projects are managed by professionals. Using their techniques, almost any project, at school or work, can be more efficient and effective.

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What it Teaches

This video follows the story of a team who works together to build a prototype for an upcoming meeting at work. Thanks to a project manager, they are able to align their work efficiently and complete the project with limited time, budget and resources. It teaches:

  • Why project management matters in getting things done
  • How project managers help plan and align the team’s work
  • Why project scope (time, budget and resources) matters
  • How project managers work with stakeholders
  • How the basics of project management can be applied to other types of projects.

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