New Video: Piracy Online

Piracy, in any form, seems like a simple idea. It’s illegal and a form of stealing. But online, it may feel different because it’s so easy to make copies of a song or movie and share them. It’s easy to find pirated software on the cheap. The risks seem low. 

Our challenge with this video: How can we explain piracy in a way that goes deeper than simple right vs. wrong arguments? How can we appeal to reason? 

Our solution: Focus on understanding why it makes sense that piracy is illegal. Below, we explain the system that makes it possible for creative people to be paid for their work and how piracy breaks that system and directly impacts the creative people who make the music and art we love.

We also worked to make the visuals, especially in the beginning, fun and interesting. I loved animating those pirates!


What it Teaches

Piracy, on the open ocean or online, is illegal because it is a kind of theft. By understanding different types of online piracy and why it’s illegal, we can start to see how piracy impacts the artists we love and represents a risk to us as individuals. It teaches:

  • What piracy is online
  • Why artists often depend on copyright laws for income
  • How piracy breaks copyright laws and impacts artists
  • Why pirated software is a risk
  • How to avoid pirated software

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