New Video: Identity Theft and How to Avoid It

One of our most popular video categories is Internet Safety and our new video covers an essential part of staying safe online (and off): identity theft. It's perfect for educating students and trainees.

Learn why our identities are at risk and what we can do to protect them (in about three minutes). 

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What it Teaches

We all use names, account numbers and passwords to verify our identities to organizations. Unfortunately, these can be stolen by criminals and cause us financial ruin. The key to avoiding this problem is awareness and understanding ways to keep our identities safe. This video teaches:

  • Why our identity is so important in everyday life
  • What criminals do when they steal a person’s identity
  • Why sensitive documents are a risk and how to keep them safe
  • How criminals use phone calls, emails and fake websites to fool people
  • Why it’s important to review your bills and bank statements

Watch the video