New Video: Citations and Citing Your Work

We recently created a new "Study Skills" category in our video library. Our goal with these videos is to provide educators a quick and effective way to introduce and explain important skills related to research, media literacy, intellectual property and more.

Today we published a new video in the Study Skills category that is all about giving credit where credit is due.

New Video - Citations and Citing Your Work

What it Teaches:

Papers and articles are often a mix of ideas from different sources. By thinking through where ideas originate, we can understand what needs a citation. This video guides viewers through three types of ideas found in papers and explains how to use citations responsibly. It teaches:

  • Why common knowledge and the writer’s ideas don’t often require citations
  • Why other people’s ideas deserve special treatment and often require citations
  • Why citations matter and what role they play in writing and research
  • How in-text and full citations often work together to make reading easier
  • Why citations are a service to readers who may want to learn more

Watch the Video