New Video: Artificial Intelligence Explained by Common Craft

From what you see in movies and on TV, it's easy to think that true artificial intelligence has arrived. But in reality, it's still mostly a dream. 

Our latest video (our 80th!) explains the basics of artificial intelligence, where we are today and what we can expect in the future. 

What it Teaches:

The goal of artificial intelligence is to create computers that are as intelligent as humans. Achieving this goal is a huge, huge challenge. Today, researchers are making progress and forms of artificial intelligence are starting to appear in everyday life. This video teaches:

  • Why artificial intelligence is so challenging to create
  • How we use forms of artificial intelligence today
  • What is required for computers to teach themselves
  • Why empathy and emotional intelligence are very difficult for computers
  • What we may see in the distant future

Watch the full video now

We'd like to thank Tim Urban at What But Why for inspiring some of the ideas in this video. His article on The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is a classic. 

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