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New Video: Application Programming Interfaces - APIs

Today we’re announcing a new video: Application Programming Interfaces - APIs - Explained by Common Craft
Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are a fundamental part of the Web. By connecting websites and applications to specialized functions over the Internet, they can help websites become more fully featured and productive.
APIs Explained
What it teaches:
This video tells the story of Carson, who has an idea to sell interactive maps on his website. Rather than buying and implementing all the tools himself, he discovers APIs that help him get started quickly and build upon a foundation provided by specialists.  It teaches:
  • Why APIs can be important for organizations and websites
  • How APIs can differ from buying technology outright
  • How APIs work, using examples of map data and credit card transactions
  • What APIs can provide websites and applications
This video is part of our Technology series and is designed to help educators introduce APIs.