The New "Share" is LIVE

The new March of Dimes “Share Your Story�? online community went online about 1:30 yesterday. What an eventful few days this has been.

We took some risks with the roll out. We originally had plans to do a “closed beta�? meaning that we’d invite selected members in to use the site and use that information to improve the site – in private.

After talking about it, we made the decision to get the site as far as we could and roll it out to the public audience and see what happens. So we did and created a folder on the site called Report Problems/Provide Feedback and asked the members to post any thing odd they saw.

Almost immediately, the members began to report issues that we had not discovered. The members of Share are a particularly selfless and giving group and they have really gotten into helping us “squash bugs�?. They have helped so, so much.

It’s so heartwarming to work with people (both at the MoD and the members) who really want to help make things better. It has been a really positive experience.

Right now we’re fielding bug reports as fast as we can and hope to address them this week. There are a lot things I want to talk about in regards to the design and functionality of the site- but I’ll have to wait for a bit. In the meantime, check out the blogs- each member can have their own blog.

I'm leaving town tonight and will be offline until Sunday, so I'm going to miss some of the developments. Luckily the more-than-capable Nancy White will be taking the reins on a solo basis for a while.