New: One-Click Access to Common Craft Videos

We heard your feedback and are excited to announce that Common Craft videos are now easier for educators to share. These new features came from member requests like:

“I wish my students could watch Common Craft videos from my account by simply clicking a link in a message.”

“I wish Common Craft videos were available for everyone on campus with one click.”

We’ve developed two new features that were inspired by these requests:

Easy Link Sharing

Common Craft Pro members have a new “Link” button with each video. This button displays a sharable link that makes the video available for viewing on nearly any device with an internet connection.

Example - A librarian is teaching internet safety and wants to use Common Craft videos to explain the major points. They can simply copy a link from their Common Craft account and paste it into a message for their students. To watch the video, students only need to click the link.

The links work like any other URL and can be used across learning platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas, and many more. No more password issues for students!

Single Sign-on

Common Craft videos are often used by entire organizations like school districts, colleges, municipalities, companies and more. We now offer a service that makes Common Craft videos available with a single click for anyone logged into an organization’s network.

Example - A community college has invested in a variety of paid online services for students, like one-click access to academic databases. Our new service works in the same way. As long as students or staff are logged into the college network, they can access the entire Common Craft video library with a single click.

This feature makes it easy for instructors to use the videos in their curricula and for students to access them on a self-service basis, without password hassles.

Our single sign-on service is based on IP filtering and/or through services like EZproxy. Set up is quick and simple. To get started, contact us.

The features above are available via our Full Access plans. You can also compare all Common Craft plans.