New Free Course: Become an Explanation Specialist

The Explainer Academy has been through a makeover and I'm inviting you to check it out.

Free Course: Become an Explanation Specialist

We've assembled a new free course that contains highlights and resources from our paid courses. It's full of videos and downloadable docs and covers both explanation skills and animated video production. You'll be surprised by how much is included.

*This course includes 20% off discount codes for paid courses, like the one below.

If you're curious about what we teach in the courses, this is a great introduction.

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Course: Ideas in Motion (formerly How to Create Animated Videos)

Learn to use only presentation software (PowerPoint or Keynote) to plan, animate, explain, and record an idea. While the term "explainer video" still applies, this new direction is focused on bringing an idea, process, or product to life via simple animations that are easy to create.

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Use cases:

  • Need to communicate a complicated new policy? A handful of animated slides can make it much clearer.
  • Are you an instructor with a concept that's difficult to relate in words? A brief animated video can help.
  • Or maybe you're an entrepreneur hoping to get support? Animations can help you relate big ideas and concepts in a way that feels easy to understand

*If you previously enrolled in the "How to Create Animated Videos" course, your login should provide access to this course.

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