This blog is where we announce new videos & talk about the power of explanation & the change it can create. 

New Directions in Our Blogging

We’ve come to depend on our time off as a time to re-think, to re-consider, to re-formulate.  It happened last year when we looked for ways to make video a part of Common Craft and it happened again last week.  Among other things, our time in Mexico gave us a chance to talk about this blog.

For a few months now, I’ve not been happy with my blogging, aside from the videos.  I was at a blogging crossroads – a time when I struggled to define the blog’s focus.  Our business, our product and world moved so fast that I couldn’t build any momentum outside of posting new videos.  Often, this meant not blogging at all or only posting our videos.

We’ve decided to make a change.  We’re planning to open up a little more and blog about our life.  We want to focus on the things that fascinate us, make us laugh, give us inspiration and make us think – and I mean us, not just me.  Sachi may not blog often, but she will be, as usual, a big inspiration.  We want to give you another look at the people behind the videos and hopefully learn more about you too.

This being said, we want to know your thoughts.  What are you interested in knowing about us?  Ask a question. Challenge us.