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Common Questions and Answers About Cut-outs

About Cut-outs and "Common Craft Style" Videos

What do people do with Common Craft Cut-outs?

Cut-outs are digital images (.PNG and .EPS) that can be used for visuals, like clip art, in projects and presentations. Some people use the Cut-outs to create Common Craft Style videos.

Can I download a sample image?

Yes! You can download a sample for free on our testing page.

Can I use the Cut-outs at work?

Of course! We allow the Cut-outs to be used commercially and royalty free. If you are the only person using the Cut-outs, you can join Common Craft with an "Individual" membership. To provide Cut-outs to an entire organization, simply select the appropriate number of employees when joining.

Why do you provide two file types? Which is best for me?

The two file types cover different use cases. For most members, the standard .PNG format is the best. These images are high resolution and sized for presentations and other projects. The other format is a "vector" format (.EPS). With our Editor Plan, you can download any Cut-out as a vector and change it with your own software.

How can I create my own "Common Craft Style" video?

We encourge members to create Common Craft style projects and videos. There are a couple of options.
1) We recently partnered with GoAnimate, an online tool for creating animated videos.  Our library of Cut-outs are now available inside their system. We offer Common Craft members a 10% discount on GoAnimate membership and free access to the Cut-outs inside GoAnimate (normally a $59 upgrade). Learn more here.
2) You can use our downloadable Cut-outs to make Common Craft style videos using a variety of resources like live-action video, powerpoint and screencasting. 

Can I share my own Common Craft Style videos on sites like YouTube?

Yes.  We only ask that you use the phrase "Common Craft Style" and not "Common Craft" as this is a registered Trademark.

Can I make a Common Craft Style video about my company, product or service?

Yes! This is a great use of the Cut-outs. But please note, no Cut-outs or videos made with Cut-outs can be resold. For example, you can make Common Craft Style videos about your own business, but cannot sell the videos. 

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