Make Common Craft Style Videos Online with GoAnimate


We've partnered with GoAnimate to offer Common Craft Cut-outs inside their online video maker.

Common Craft Cut-outs are included for free with all "GoTeam" subscribers at GoAnimate.


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About GoAnimate:

GoAnimate is the easiest way to make animated videos online. Simply login and use their drag-and-drop video maker to turn your idea into an animated video. Learn more.

Questions and Answers: 

How can I use Common Craft Cut-outs with GoAnimate? 

There are a few ways. If you subscribe to the "GoTeam" plan at GoAnimate, the Common Craft Cut-outs package is included for free. If you subscribe to other plans, like GoPremium or GoPublish, you can upload Common Craft Cut-outs directly to GoAnimate. In this case, you would need a Common Craft DIY membership for accessing the Cut-outs. 

What is the difference between Cut-outs that come with Common Craft membership and those inside GoAnimate?

The Cut-outs that come with Common Craft DIY membership are downloadable image files (.png) that can easily be inserted into GoAnimate, presentations, documents, web pages, etc., like any other image.  The Cut-outs available in GoAnimate only work inside GoAnimate and can be animated easily. 

Can I share the videos I make online with GoAnimate? What about YouTube?

Yes. GoAnimate makes it easy to create and share videos online, including exporting directly to YouTube at high resolution.

Can I create videos for commercial use?  What about reselling?

Yes. GoAnimate provides for commercial and reselling licenses. Contact GoAnimate for more information.

How does this work for GoAnimate for Schools?

The package of Common Craft Cut-outs can be added to GoAnimate for Schools accounts for an additional fee. Learn more about GoAnimate for Schools.