My Favorite Spam Comment

The last few days here at Common Craft headquarters have been a mix of elation and dismay. We've been working hard on the next version of our website. Now, this isn't just a design change - it involves a completely new platform, new host and new design. I had high hopes of a smooth transition, but those hopes were dashed in the last couple of days by DNS server geekery.

I spent most of yesterday not really knowing if the site was actually on the Internet or not. In fact, I went to bed last night being able to see the site on my computer, but not Sachi's. I IM'd friends to test and did DNS Reports and mostly found more reasons to be confused. Not fun.

Ultimately, I had no confidence that the site was completely up and open to the Internets at large. That was until today. I checked, for the first time ever, my shiny new Akismet spam page. There it was, all the proof I needed that the new Common Craft was online - a comment spam for Viagra from my new anonymous friend, the new site's first one. If there was ever proof that the new site is up and finable on the web, this was it!

[Updated] My hopes have been dashed again - more errors!  Here's word for the wise: switching DNS is a pain and if you have to do it, start on Monday so that the people who can help are actually at work. 

Mark this day - this is the last time you will ever, ever, hear me laud anything that resembles spam. Just this once, spam was my friend - thanks anonymous!

By the way, if you're reading in RSS, come check out the new site - we're still working out some of the kinks and would love to know what you see.