Kansas, We Owe You One (Updated Election Video)

I'm not sure how this happened, but there is an error in the original version of the "Electing a US President" video.  The original version says that there are 3 congressional districts in Kansas.  As we discovered today, via a nice email from Gerry Deman of Kansas, there are actually 4 districts.

Here's what we're doing about it:

We have created a new, corrected version of the video. It's embedded below and we have replaced the video on the original blog entry (and embed code) with this new version.  We've also replaced the downloadable versions in the Store and other places where it is shared.

Unfortunately, this means that two versions will exist on YouTube, because it's impossible to replace a video.  By deleting the original version, we break the connections to the You Tube players on blogs that embedded it. If you embedded the original version, please do replace the video with this new version.

It's a good thing that folks like you keep us in check so we can limit the potential confusion.  We'll count better next time, I promise.