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Howard Dean: Leveraging Weblog Technology

I will not delve into the politics of the upcoming 2004 election here, but I will say this: We are going to see weblogs and online discussion become a part of the process on a large scale and the candidate who leverages technology most effectively may reap the biggest rewards.

Howard Dean has an official weblog that is part of his website.

It's interesting to me to see a politician use a blog a part of his official website, right along with Pressroom, Biography, etc. He doesn't post there, but it's a group blog of his campaign.

Recent quote: "On Monday, I stood in Burlington, Vermont and said that my campaign-our campaign-was built on 'mouse pads, shoe leather, and hope.'"

Like I said about the DOD in the previous post, this kind of thing brings more legitimacy to the weblog as a tool in organizing and educating people around a subject or cause. Businesses take note, there is a better way to communicate your message- and it's not a press release.