A Great Big Thanks

I wish I could comment on every blog post and link back to all the good folks that say nice things about us as a result of the videos.  Unfortunately, I haven't been so good about keeping up, and that's a shame. 

The truth is, you've been amazing in making this all come together.  It's been a wild ride to see the videos get passed around and to see our name on so many sites. It sometimes feels like a dream.  As one indication, we're currently the 813th most linked-to blog according to Technorati (for today anyway).

As a way to say thanks. I want to give a shout-out to a bunch of folks that have been a big part of our growth through linking to us and saying nice things.  Go visit their sites and subscribe to their RSS feeds.  


"This is one of my all time favorite video blogs, at first, I was worried this would be just a series of one-offs, but Lee has created a handful of “web in plain english�? videos called the Common Craft Show.
Really easy to understand, very succinct, and very helpful. If only consultants and lawyers could speak so clearly." Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategist.

"These videos are a great primer for folks who want an explanation of what RSS and Wikis actually are. They’re fun, too."  Joshua Porter at Bokardo

"There you go - quick, painless, might even have stuck in your head. Guaranteed that at least some readers here will now shoot this around to colleagues, maybe even friends and family, to help explain these things."  Dan at BizTechTalk

"The creative people over at Common Craft have put together another helpful and easy to follow video." Mike

"Lee Lefever of Common Craft continues to make his elegantly simple videos of Web 2.0 concepts. This one on the definition of social networking is a must watch."
James Keylim

"These CommonCraft guides are ideal for those who are uncertain/newbies or anyone looking for the bare bones of how some familiar Web 2.0 tools work... thanks to Lee Lefever at Commoncraft for this latest gem..." Mr. Harrington - an old welsh dragon.

"This video is so brilliantly and elementarily insightful - I love the slide that talks about how a network can give you money and love. Enjoy."

"I love the plain English series that Lee LeFever does."
Beth Kanter

"It's short, sweet, and if you take the time to watch it, you'll notice just how much it emphasizes the organic, human element of online interaction through social networks."  Chris

"I love this video from Lee Lefever that explains social networking, because I could show it to my dad and he'd understand it." Opinionated Marketers

A team at KM4Dev put together a paperworks video in 1.5 hours.  Check it out: Paperworks homage

"Those clever folks at Commoncraft.com have created a short video explaining social networking in plain English." fortyniner

"What’s changed today is that I’ve just seen a short video which explains very clearly, very non-technically, with entertaining pictures, the underlying structure of a wiki and how to use one." Business and Blogging

"I love it when someone comes along and explains seemingly complicated things in terms that even a CMO can understand.  The folks at Common Craft have found a way to boil down popular social media tools to their most basic features and benefits -- focusing more on what people can actually do with these tools than on the nuts and bolts of the underlying technologies -- and bring them to life in short, charming video vignettes that make for perfect introductions for anyone that is still mystified by new media."
Greg Verdino

"I think just about anyone will understand this, and probably go away realizing the many ways that RSS could save them time and improve their information digestion.   I love it when people explain things in a way that just makes sense...with words better than those I could have come up with." Sarah at Librarian in Black.

"Watching this video is good for two reasons*: 1. It explains how to use a newsreader in a way that is clever and simple to understand. 2. It proves that you don’t need broadcast-quality production values to create a killer how-to video." Rex Hammock

"The irony of the video RSS in Plain English is that it is simultaneously one of the clearest and most engaging explanations of RSS I have ever seen and also a vivid demonstration of why RSS has not gone mainstream �?? how can something that takes 3.5 minutes to explain be a killer app?" Scott Karp

"In the meantime, here is the best example of explaining RSS that I’ve seen. Thank you to Common Craft for creating this video." Dawud Miracle.

"This video falls in the footsteps of his previous video on RSS in Plain English which spread across the blogosphere nearly overnight (see our post here). These videos just keep getting better. Keep up the great work Lee!" Nick Finck and Blue Flavor

"If you have ever seen me present my half-day or full-day seminars for IAB Canada - Interactive Advertising Bureau on Social Media Marketing and Web 2.0, you know how much I love to use the Common Craft videos to explain new online channels." Mitch Joel

"If you are confused about RSS, all you need to do is watch the video on the linked page. I guarantee this will clear up 99% of the confusion when it comes to understanding RSS." Todd Cochrane at GeekNewsCentral.

"Great video from Lee and Sachi LeFever working to craft a better explanation of RSS for everyday folks." Chris Heuer at Social Media Club.

"It is also just a fun video to watch, as it is created with paper, pen, and whiteboard.  Low-tech but very effective!" Becky Carroll at Customers Rock.

"Thank goodness for Lee LeFever over at CommonCraft, whose new video does for wikis what his last video did for RSS. The next time you need to explain a wiki to someone, just show them this:"  Shel Holtz.

"Anyway, Greg Verdino has done me a favour by reminding me exactly how clever the folks over at Common Craft really are." Gavin Heaton.

"The Common Craft Show: A Case Study in Video Awesomeness
Their first, “RSS in Plain English�? was a very accessible intro to the complicated world of RSS feeds.  In just one month it’s become an international sensation and there’s no reason why the video won’t be passed around long into the future.  This week Common Craft released their second video tutorial, “Wikis in Plain English.�?
Marshall Kirkpatrick


Again, thanks to everyone your kind words and links. There are a lot more videos on the way