Explainer Meetup in Seattle

We currently have six members of our Explainer Network of video producers and three of the companies hail from the Pacific Northwest.  Despite this proximity, we had never tried to get everyone together in one plans.  I recently learned that the folks from Switch Marketing were coming to Seattle, so I decided to organize an impromptu explainer meetup.  Below is the group at Boom Noodle in Seattle's Capitol Hill:

From the back, left to right:  Bryan and Jen Zug from Lilipip, Andrew Angus and Kelly McKenna from Switch Marketing, Sachi from Common Craft, Maresa from Splainers, and the last two guys on the right are Mark from Splainers and Ben from Epipheo Studios in front.  Epipheo is not currently a member of the Explainer Network, but part of the community.

We did some bowling, had some drinks and ate some food. It was so great to see so many video makers together. Most had never previously met face-to-face. We missed a some members of the Network who aren't based in the area, or couldn't make it. They include Say it Visually, Animated Explanations in Belgium and 1/29 Explainers in the Bay Area. Next time we'll get everyone.