Explainer Academy - Our Next Big Thing

This is your invitation to join us on a new adventure.

Every day, smart, well-meaning people write emails, have conversations or create documents that only make sense to one person: themselvesThis lack of clarity causes frustration and wastes time. 

We can do better. 

That's why we're building the Explainer Academy

The Explainer Academy will provide self-paced, online courses that will:

  1. Teach you how to repackage your ideas into explanations that are irresistibly clear and easy to understand for your audience and situation.
  2. Show you exactly how to turn your explanations into animated videos, presentations, screencasts and more.

We’re working on the courses now and sharing our ideas and progress with an email newsletter

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Interesting... @commoncraft is developing an Explainer Academy. I know people who need it.  http://explaineracademy.com

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