Epipheo Studios Joins the Explainer Network

Today we’re excited to announce that Epipheo Studios has joined our Explainer Network of video producers.  

Epipheo Listing

I remember when I first saw an Epipheo (what they call their video creations).  I think it was for Google Wave.  The laid back style, the humor and creativity, the animated storytelling all made for a great explanatory experience.  It wasn’t surpising to see them go from making a couple of videos to being hired by Facebook, Yelp, SAP, etc. They are very good at what they do.  

Here are a couple of examples (see their whole portfolio)


Like all members of the Explainer Network, they have a listing on our website that points business their way. We all see incredible potential in short animated videos and the Explainer Network is one way for us all to learn from each other and promote the value of our little industry. 

If you need a short animated video for your website, check out the Explainer Network.