Edit Common Craft Videos with the Explainer Editor Plan

Have you ever watched a Common Craft video and thought - “This could really work for me if I could just make a few changes”? Now you can.

We now offer the Explainer Editor plan that includes the rights to edit any ready-made video in our library using your own software. This means our videos can become a starting point for your own projects.

Along with ready-made videos, the Explainer Editor plan also comes with all Common Craft Cut-outs as both vector art (.EPS) and normal (.PNG) image files so you can create a consistent experience.

Add or remove a scene, add a logo, change or translate the voice-over, it’s up to you.


Edit Common Craft Videos


Please note: You are welcome to share the edited videos publicly on your website, in your classroom, network, etc. However, the edited videos cannot be shared on public video sharing services like YouTube and Vimeo. If you need sharing options, please contact us.

Explainer Editor plans start at $249 a year. Get started.