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China Week: It All Started In China

In honor of the start of the Beijing Olympics, we've decided to make it "China Week" here on the Common Craft blog. 

In a lot of ways, China was where we first started to experiment with video.  We bought our first video camera (a Sony DCR - PC 1000) in Hong Kong, just before spending about a month in mainland China in 2006.  Over the time in China, we edited and posted our first "real" videos.   

This week, we'll share a few of those videos and some stories from our time there.  It's stuff you won't see on NBC, I promise.

To get us started, here is a 3 minute video that focuses on local food from Chongqing, a giant city in the Sichuan Province. Please note that what I call "rodent heads" may actually be rabbit heads (rabbits aren't rodents).  Anyway, enjoy...