Change your RSS Feed to Include Whole Entries with MT

If you have no idea what RSS is, go here.

Recently a reader sent me an email saying he had a wish for me. That wish was for me to change my RSS feed so that it included whole entries instead of just an excerpt. Being a user of a news aggregator myself, I knew exactly what he meant. It bugs me sometimes to have to visit a site to finish reading an entry. So, I set off to find out how…

I found a solution to the issue in the comments of this post at Electrolite. Apparently, there is another, more technical solution at Dive Into Mark.

Here is the simple change that helped me…

1. Go the Templates in your Moveable Type application and notice that you have at least one “RSS�? template.


2. Open each template and look for “ – it’s near the bottom on the RSS 1.0 template.

3. Change that to “, Save and Rebuild.

This should allow a news aggregator to see complete posts with links, formatting tags and all.