Bosco Update

A few months back, I introduced you to Bosco, our new puppy. He's not much help when it comes to making videos, but other than that, he's been an awesome addition to the Common Craft family. We call him the "mini-beast". 

Like almost everything in my life, I've taken a LOT of photos of that dog.  This post is really just a quick look at how he's grown since you saw him last. Here's a complete set of photos on Flickr

Here's the photo you saw when he was just weeks old. Our friend Tony Wright said recently the Bosco looked like a sad puppy in this picture.  We didn't know it at the time, but he was sick and quite sad.



But made a full recovery - and his nose started to get a little blacker.

And grew...

and grew... and got a totally black nose.

And started to have intelligent discussions with my brother.

And really, really enjoy the beach.

Notice the shadow of the ball on the sand - it's just in front of his mouth.

This is the mini-beast just days ago. He's almost 6 months and weighs about 40 lbs. 

You can follow Bosco on Twitter. He's a low-frequency twitterer.