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A Big Thanks, a Little Late

Thanksgiving has come and gone here in the US and we're running a bit late in sharing the things for which we are thankful. This list could go on forever, but here are a few items that mean a lot to us.

  • Our families, who are our biggest fans and sources of inspiration
  • Fans who talk to about our work on the web and share links with friends
  • Organizations and individuals who purchase videos
  • The members of our Explainer Network
  • Our friends who make us feel like family
  • Sweet old dogs who we wish could live to 100
  • Coffee, Friday lattes and all
  • Living in Seattle, a city we truly love
  • Neighbors who make us feel like we live in a community
  • Good scissors
  • AmazonFresh for keeping us out of grocery stores
  • MioPosto, our local coffee/pizza joint
  • Working with honest, hardworking people
  • Being able to support local trade workers and artisans
  • Each other
  • Salmon - in all its forms
  • Thursday night NBC TV, especially The Office and 30 Rock
  • Musicians whose music becomes the soundtrack of our lives
  • Listener Supported KEXP 90.3 FM
  • Free and useful services like Google Apps and Twitter
  • Living with a partner who is a ninja in the kitchen and the boardroom
  • The list goes on...

2009 has been a great year Common Craft and you made it happen. 2010 will be even better. We hope you'll stick around!