Audio from our "New Rules for New Communities" Talk at Northern Voice

I've told people recently that, in terms of conferences, you can't do anything without it being recorded. This was certainly the case with Northern Voice. Nancy White and I hosted a topic for Moose Camp called "New Rules for the New Communities" more here, which was recorded and can be heard here. All the sessions are on the Northern Voice section at Podcast Spot.

This talk contained one of my favorite moments in conference history. The room was packed and people were competing to speak with multiple hands in the air. Everyone was into the discussion and Nancy called on a guy seated in the back row. He said something close to this - "I just want everyone to know that I can offer you a great deal on low cost Viagra and Cialis". It brought the house down. Here we were talking about how messy communities can be and he plays the part perfectly. I wish I knew his name now (anyone?).

Updated: I have discovered that the clever "spammer" was none other than Ivan Schneider of and the inventively named