The Venice Project is Now: Joost


The project formerly known at The Venice Project has a new name: Joost. The future of TV is juiced, I mean Joost. Could it be a reference to TV on steroids? I somehow doubt it. I guess it's better that "Doped".

NewTeeVee has a bit more info and some new screenshots.

On the beta blog, co-founder Fredrik de Wahl posted the less-than-inspiring story of how they came up with the name The Venice Project. I had imagined something more meaningful, but I'm also glad they're focused on the technology and not the name (that goes for both counts).

There was a lot of speculation about why we were called The Venice Projectâ„¢ in the first place. The truth is admittedly slightly less intriguing than the mystery. The "Venice" of The Venice Projectâ„¢, is not that of gondolas and canals. It's not Venice Beach, California. It's not even related to the movie. Our "Venice" was simply the name of the hotel conference room where we first decided to start this venture, the initial idea that is now Joostâ„¢. At that point we really just needed a name.