The Biggest Adventure of Our Lives

I’ve been hinting at big changes coming here at Common Craft and the time has come to spill the beans. In about 2 months, my life will take a turn. It will be a wonderful, exciting and adventurous turn, but a turn nonetheless.

There are two big parts to this transition

  1. On December 11th of this year, my wife Sachi and I will depart on a year-long trip around the world, starting in New Zealand. We are quitting our jobs, living out of carry-on sized backpacks and traveling via planes, trains and boats for all 2006, or until we’re ready to come home. We're hoping to hit 5 continents. So, no blogging on Common Craft in 2006.
  2. Of course I wouldn’t leave you hanging. We have been working on a new and experimental website for our trip that is built to do two things:

    • Enable us to share our travels via a travel blog
    • Enable us to (publicly) collect and organize first-hand travel experiences from people like you.

We figure that the best information about world travel doesn’t come from a guidebook; it comes from people who have been there and done that. We’re betting that we can improve our travel experiences by learning from people via our web site.

For the experiment to work, we’ll need to build a little buzz so that enough people will share their experiences. So, dear reader, I’m hoping to enlist your help in the form of sharing your travel experiences and linking to the site, once revealed.

Please be assured, there is not a business model behind the site. We are self-funded and doing it purely in the spirit of experimentation, sharing and fun – you know I love this stuff.

Look for a post coming soon with links and more info about the new site.