The Most Expensive Spam

Spam has been around for a lot longer than computers or email, but we’ve gotten used to it. Ever since I had a real world mailbox, it’s been filled with spam every day. A percentage of my phone calls are spam. Some might even say that billboards on the side of a highway are some sort of road spam, or maybe not.

Mailbox spam is expensive. It wastes resources to print all those brochures that I just recycle immediately (which takes time). Phone spam costs a little of my time and there is a certain annoyance cost.

The most expensive spam, for me, is fax spam. It doesn’t happen often, but it is perhaps the most costly and insidious form of spam. I say this because it uses MY paper and the ink in MY printer cartridges and ties up MY phone line. I don’t have a choice. Then, I have to recycle it, just like mail spam.

Like email spammers, they are a clever bunch, in there own half-witted spammer ways. The fax spam I just received has an article on weight loss with a hand written note at the top by “Jill�?. Here is what it says:

Here is the product I used to use all that weight and inches. Dr. Palmer down the hall told us about it. Everyone is losing weight on this stuff- it was proven on Dateline NBC. ~Jill

Wow Jill, I can't believe you took the time to write a hand written note just for me! Tell Dr. Palmer thanks for me! I’ll run out to the store right now!