Pre-GnomeDex BBQ - You're Invited

The guys at Bryght have talked me into having a Pre-GnomeDex BBQ at my house on Thursday afternoon, June 23rd. Really though, I *love* hosting these kinds of things.

The GnomeDex registration/Google party starts at 7, so we’re planning to BBQ that afternoon between 3-7 PM. You’re welcome to come by and have a beer, some food, whatever. Don’t worry about bringing anything, but don’t expect anything fancy either. :)

We (my wife and I) live in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle, about 10-15 minutes (5 miles) from the conference venue by car. 

Also, if you would like to take a bus, Route 14 goes from downtown to close to our house. Seattle Bus Monster will hook you up. Just get on the “14�? on 3nd Ave. going towards Mt. Baker.

If you have any questions, call my cell: 206.353.6631.

Let me know if you're planning to come...and pray for sun!