A Blog Post Says "Here It Is, Dig It"

A while back I posted about the differences between message boards and blogs. Being that it was one of my most popular posts ever (and something I use in meetings often), I still think about the differences.

It's so interesting to me how their respective design and semantic differences send messages regarding their use. Here are some examples and other thoughts...

  • A blog post says “Here it is, dig itâ€??
  • A message board post says “your turnâ€??

  • Comment implies “if you want, not requiredâ€??
  • Reply implies “I’m not done until you do.â€??

More in the same vein:

  • A blog is my back yard
  • A message board is a park

  • A blog has readers
  • A message board has lurkers

  • A blog is all about ME
  • A message board is all about US

  • When things go quiet on a blog, the onus is on one person
  • When things go quite on a message board, the onus is on everyone