What's Your RSS Reading Strategy?

So I’m convinced that RSS is taking over the online world. I think there are two types of Internet users, those who use some type of RSS aggregator and those who will.

I personally use NewsGator Online and I subscribe to 75 feeds, which is not a lot by some standards and I’m talking to you Scoble.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I can become a better RSS reader. With all this information emerging, how can I understand/organize/use RSS in a way that maximizes its potential? I feel like I’m missing something.

Right now, I just have a list of all the feeds with no real organizational structure. A couple of times a day, I read through everything if I have time. If I can’t read for a couple of days, I just clear everything and start over fresh. Sophisticated huh?

I’ve gravitated to subscribing to people I’ve actually met- it helps me filter the noise. Also, I’ve started using feeds for things like events in Seattle, PubSub Subscriptions, Flickr Tags and 43 Things Goals (as opposed to purely subscribing to blog posts).

What’s your RSS reading strategy? What advice do you have for maximizing your reading?