Robert Scoble at Northern Voice

How and Why to use RSS

Scoble says he is 10 to 30 times more efficient using an RSS reader. With a reader, you only have to read the new stuff when you sit down, you don’t have to look for it.

It’s all about putting your ideas, words and thoughts out there to be repurposed. USA today will not do it.

RSS is not browser specific. You can have it in Outlook or a number of other applications.

When he hears of someone talking about how bad IE sucks, he passes the info the IE product manager and says that people are complaining.

The efficiency of the word of mouth movement is growing rapidly. How did you hear about FireFox? Word of mouth. If you don’t have the best product, you’ll get beat from bad word of mouth.

He asked Walt Mossberg- is it more important to listen to me or a blogger with two readers? He says they are all using pubsub and looking for terms like “Microsoft sucks�?. Scoble’s blog shows up right along with the folks with 2 links.

Audience question: What are the PR teams for?
Scoble: PR teams are going to have to blog and understand the new world. Look at the FireFox team and how they use blogs to get the word out. Learn how to feed the bloggers. Movements start with 5 bloggers.

Marc Canter doesn’t believe that he actually reads 1000 blogs.

Scoble is walking through his methods of reading RSS. He looks for repetition and it catches his eye. When something is hot, it’s usually really hot. A story will break at 9:01 and have 30-40 blogs writing about it within an hour or two.

Technorati, PubSub and Feedster are the tools for watching the blogosphere.

Dave Winer just called Scoble, but choose not to talk to him.
Man, my battery sucks. It says I have 19 minutes to go before it dies. I’m going to post this now before it bites the dust.

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