NewsGator's Enterprise RSS Server

Moonwatcher (a blog about the emerging enterprise RSS market) pointed to a post by Greg Reinacker's where Greg lays out a roadmap for enterprise RSS, among other things.

Greg founded and runs NewsGator, which is my personal favorite RSS reader. NewsGator is working on a product they call "Dino", which is an "Newsgator Enterprise Server".

Here is Greg's description:

Dino could be characterized as "NewsGator Enterprise Server", for lack of a better name. Imagine NewsGator Online, picked up and installed on a server behind a corporate firewall. Imagine it also (optionally) connecting with Active Directory and Exchange server. No longer would a system administrator need to go install NewsGator Outlook edition on 3000 desktops; rather, with Dino, they could install a single server, make some configuration choices, and employees will just get "more stuff" somewhere in their Exchange mailbox without having to install anything on their own machines. Outlook; Outlook Web Access; Blackberry; Exchange ActiveSync; all of this is enabled by the Dino/Exchange integration.

I'm excited about developments in this direction. Installing something new on enterprise desktops is a barrier to adoption and my hope is that the server model will move RSS along in the enterprise. I think enterprises have a LOT of opportunities is this space and it great to see Greg and NewsGator doing it.

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