Boeing Marketing VP Blog

Randy Beseler is the VP of Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes and he is getting started on a blog of sorts- Randy's Journal. So far there are just a couple of posts with the promise of more.

The most recent entry provides a look at his view of the new Airbus A380 which competes with Boeing's 747.

The A380 does not mark the beginning of a new stage in commercial aviation; it is the crowning achievement of a bygone era. An era when passengers had to deal with multiple connections and few flight choices. Industry data from the past 10 to 15 years is clear: demand for air travel is up, the number of flights and the number of cities with non-stop services is up, yet the average size of airplanes flying today is down.

While Randy's Journal is missing some of the hallmarks of blogs (permalinks, comments, RSS feed, etc.) I think it's interesting to see a VP of a company like Boeing making moves in this direction. My bet is that Randy's Journal starts with his words and is then edited to some extent.

It's apparent that his team has been doing a bit of research. This is how the first post ends:

As we have researched effective web logs, I learned that a cardinal rule of blogging is to keep the entries short and to the point. So I'll save some more thoughts on 2004 for another entry. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and stay tuned.