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I Really Want to Trust Technorati

For those of you who may not know, Technorati is a web site that tracks links between web sites (among other things). Webloggers use it to find out who is linking to their blog by putting a URL into the box on this page. The site just passed the 3 million "weblogs watched" number.

Now, I admit that I'm a habitual Technorati user- multiple times a day sometimes. It's a feedback and discovery system for me- and I really dig it. And, I admit to having some selfish pride in the number of sites linking to my weblog.

However, it seems that Technorati is not keeping a good count. Despite new links almost every day, the displayed number of new links and sources hardly ever changes (it hasn't changed in over 2 weeks). And, when I see the linking numbers from the perspective of another web site, it doesn't match either.

Further, I've signed up to get emails for my watchlist, only to get emails that say "No new links today", even when the web site paints a completely different picture. Then, the emails just stopped coming.

I know the site is growing quickly and Mr. Sifry and Co. can only do so much, but I would love more consistency. I'm proud of my links and I want to see the displayed number of weblogs linking to mine be accurate - it means something to me.

The bottom line is that I've come to love the service and I want it to be better by being more accurate.

Are other folks seeing these issues? Could I be doing something wrong?