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The Sad, Sad World of the Comment Spammer

I awoke this morning to a saddening site. Both my weblogs were comment spammed with a total of over 700 comments. At first I was angry, and then I was overcome with a deep serenity.

It took me back to 9/11 when I harbored my strongest feelings about terrorists. At that time I knew in my heart that they are terrorists because they have never experienced a day of joy in their lives. They have never felt love or loved themselves. As angry and intense as my feelings were (are) I knew that I could smile and experience joy and that was enough to overcome the HATE.

My feels for comment spammers are approaching those of the terrorists. As I deal with comment spam, I’m saddened because I know there are people behind the comments. These are people who have resorted to illegitimate and misbegotten means to conduct their business. They, like terrorists, do their dealings from dark anonymous corners, hawking their illicit wares away from the watchful eye of those who wish to protect the good of the people.

I feel for these poor souls. They have likely worked hard to make a living in the world of honest and forthright people, but found that this world was inhospitable to them. They have felt the shunning nuances of those that could see through their dark veils and into their world of secrecy and distrust. They have felt the cadence of blow after blow to their fragile self respect, dealt to them by honest and respectable people. It has been these experiences that have led them into the world of comment spamming.

And so I am OK with comment spam. I hate it and wish it all the death and destruction in the world, but I know it is just a melancholy cry for help from people with nothing left to lose.