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10 Product Adoption Lessons from Big Churches

Scobleizer: Ten evangelism and IT lessons from one of America's biggest churches

Scoble talks to the CTO and Internet tech manager of one of the largest churches in the US about how they've got so big, so fast.

I think Scoble does a good job of learning about their strategies and distilling them into 10 non-religious lessons that can be applied very widely:

Lesson one: make it easy for everyone to learn about you -- on their terms.

Lesson two: make it easy to experience your product's special attributes.

Lesson three: to get word-of-mouth advertising you need to be remarkable.

Lesson four: use IT to efficiently get close to your customers and take care of their needs.

Lesson five: if you want to be better, make sure you're better from the first minutes of someone's experience.

Lesson six: if you want to be seen as bleeding edge, invest to be bleeding edge and do so throughout your company.

Lesson seven: extend the usefulness of your plant.

Lesson eight: design your systems so they never go down and can expand for future growth.

Lesson nine: don't be religious about technology, choose what gets the job done best for the least amount of money and staff time.

Lesson 10: when you become successful, bottle up what got you there and sell it to others.