Year One is Behind Me Now

Well folks, it was one year ago today that Common Craft (the company) came into the world. May 13th of 2003 was my last day at Solucient, LLC and I officially started Common Craft on June 1st, 2003.

My first year as an independent professional has been a great one and I mean that in terms of learning and growing; not necessarily traditional business success. Though, I did make my goal to be self-sufficient in one year. Hopefully the years from this point will move Common Craft well beyond self-sufficiency.

When I look over the past year, it's very clear to me what an incredible value this weblog has been to Common Craft. As I started thinking about founding the company, I knew I needed a way to promote myself and I really wanted people to get to know me- the person. I wanted the market and my niche to have a way to see how I think, work, write. I was prepared to take the risk that people may not agree with me or like me for that matter, because I knew that the ones that did feel a connection would make the difference.

I'm happy I did take the risk. Writing in this weblog is a business practice and a priority for me- I couldn't imagine not doing it. It has put my name and this web site in front of thousands of people. It has allowed me to make strong and lasting connections with people here in the US and on other continents. It has gotten me business more than once. It has allowed me to be me, warts and all. It has allowed me to personify the phrase Esse Quam Videre.

So, here's to the first year being behind me and to many more staring me in the face. To all (both?) of you who read this weblog- thanks for coming back; I promise that there is more on the way.

Oh, and sharing my one year anniversary is BumpList "An Email Community for the Determined" check it out...