InfoWorld and Internal Weblogging

InfoWorld: Blogging behind the firewall: May 21, 2004: By Chad Dickerson

This article is an interesting look at how InfoWorld is using weblogs for internal projects. What stood out for me is that the weblogs serve to give the folks at InfoWorld more context, something I focused on for the weblog pitch contest.

Here is a quote regarding the what happened after they used an internal weblog to post a 6 month plan for IT intiatives for the whole company to see.

Posting this plan on a Weblog made three key things happen. First, it forced the team to strategically organize its IT initiatives into a coherent roadmap fit for broader internal consumption. Next, it created a sense of accountability for these initiatives within the IT team because we had collectively agreed on the initiatives and documented the process. Finally, posting our plan for the entire company to see helped foster a sense of accountability to our non-IT colleagues within the company.

The author then finishes with a nice touch:

It’s amazing how a system so simple and easy can produce such profound results.

Via: Anil

Update: I now see that Chad Dickerson has posted more about the InfoWorld blogs, including recent headlines and descriptions.