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A Final Reflection on the Weblog Pitch Competition

It’s been great being the winner of the perfect weblog pitch competition, but I think it really shows how new all these ideas are to the corporate world. It’s not like I have a long and storied career of implementing weblogs in corporations that led me to crafting the “perfect pitch�?. Mine was just my best look into what corporate weblogs may become in the future, based on my experiences so far.

I think all of us, the judges, the participants and many others are shaping the corporate weblog world as we go. Only collectively can we push the envelop to the next level. In my opinion, the key in getting to the next level (and knowing it when we are there) will be our commitment to sharing what we’re learning as a community. Luckily we have weblogs to do the sharing. Fellow participants like Michael Angeles have inspired me to share as openly as I can (or I'm allowed).

I hope that the competition and my small part at least provides a snapshot in time- an artifact from this point in the corporate weblog world. One day in the future we may look back at the competition and say “Can you believe THAT was the winner back then? What were they thinking? That Lee guy was so far off!�?.

I hope that’s not the case, but if it is, that’s fine, because I will have learned since then too.

Again, many thanks to everyone involved. I'm humbled by the attention- and hope that my future, as played out on this weblog, will contribute to our community in useful ways.