Come Flow with Me: An Introduction to Stocks and Flows in 3 Parts

Have you ever made a connection in your head that made you want to immediately run out and tell everyone you know what you just learned? I had one of these moments recently when I learned about a new way to describe online communication resources like online communities, email lists, weblogs and wikis.

The terms are "Stock" and "Flow"and they have prompted me to look at the online communication world through a different lens. My excitement has also prompted me to write an article so I can share the application of these terms with the world.

I’ll be using this weblog to present the article over the next week. I’ve divided the article into three parts and will post the sections using this title: An Introduction to Stocks and Flows (part X of X).

The 3 sections are:

I: What are Stocks and Flows? An Example. (April 1st)
II: Stocks, Flows, Weblogs and Wikis (April 5th)
III: The Case for Stocks and Flows. Conclusion (April 7th)

My hope is that these new terms will contribute a new perspective to our community. I encourage you to be part of the flow as these sections are posted over the next week. Subscribe via RSS and the information will flow to you. More on RSS here.

Just so you know, I considered the title “Come Flow with Lee�? for this post, but thankfully reconsidered.