Washington Post: Weblogs and Business

Making Blogs More Than Just What's for Dinner (TechNews.com)

Quote from Gayley Knight regarding the value of Weblogs on corporate websites. I totally agree.

"I think you could find that your customers start returning. Business Web sites do not function the way they were envisioned during the dot-com gold rush. I think they'll return to the blogs, because if you make it useful . . . you're going to be able to not only manage content, but help people."

The article also discusses the loss of control that corporations fear in getting started with Weblogs. I think the single biggest impediment to weblogs on corporate websites is their reliance on traditional marketing, which has been their winning strategy for many years.

These strategies don't change easily. MarCom is a bedrock of many companies even as customers are increasingly ignoring the MarCom language. However, some of the forward thinking companies are starting to see the opportunity of Weblogs and it won't be long until it's more mainstream. I hope.

Via: Ross Mayfield