Lawyers, Weblogs and RSS - The Internet Roundtable #37: Are Blogs Right For Law Firm Marketing?

Via: Up2Speed

This is a transcript of a discussion about how weblogs work, why RSS is cool and how lawyers could use them.

They spend a lot of time discussing RSS and news aggregators- particularly how they may hold the key to resolving the problems with email.

Here’s a description of my Internet world before news aggregators. I couldn’t find anything with search engines because of all the pay for placement plans. I’d never remember to check web pages I was interested in because my bookmarks were so difficult to use. My email box was being bombarded with spam and dealing with email newsletters was wearying me. Sound familiar? Now I’ve moved much of the delivery of web information to me over to a news aggregator or newsreader. I see the information I want in one place and have reduced the number of newsletters I get via email, because I get the same newsletters as RSS headline feeds. The quality of my information experience has greatly improved.

I liked this quote too:

I look at all the difficult parts of running a successful web site that blogs, almost by their nature, solve and it amazes me. Fresh, changing content; better search engine placement; publicity that makes it easy for people to return to your site; great design because of the standard templates; and ease of maintenance. All the things that we’ve been preaching over the years get handled nearly automatically through the vehicle of a blog.