Yahoo! Korea and AOL Go Live with Weblog Services

The big kids on the block have recently released major Weblog efforts.

Computer World: Yahoo! Unveils Blogging Service in Korea It think it's interesting that Yahoo! is using Korea as one of the first places to release a Weblog service. Korea is known for using text messaging and having a high percentage of broadband Internet users. My bet is that Yahoo! sees weblogs fitting into the Korean culture better than here in the US- for now. My bet is for Yahoo! Blogs in the US in early 2004.

AOL Journals Go Live AOL has officially taken the wraps off it's new blog service called AOL journals. I think this is truly significant. As folks who helped AOL test the service said- they think AOL is doing good by making journals about building community among AOL users- which has been AOL's bread and butter.

Both of these are either harbingers of doom or more success for the Weblog movement and maybe both. At any rate, they are adding more legitimacy to weblogs as a viable and useful tool in website publishing.

I think Weblogs are something that must be experienced and these new services may give lots of people context to help them see why weblogs are different than regular websites and how they can be used by businesses. I think they could be good for Weblogs in the long run...