Andrew Ekland Tells It Like It Is

Ciceron Blog Archives- July

Andrew Ekland, the CEO of Ciceron, a Web marketing firm, is posting monthly blog entries. The last two really struck me because he's really passionate about something I too believe:

Most corporate web sites are dull and weblogs can bring them new life.

From the Ciceron Weblog:

My point is really quite simple: web sites garnished with blasé corporate speak are just plain impersonal...and boring...and, on occasion, nearly insulting in their blandness. They're not engaging. They don't speak to me. They don't appear to care about me. I'm a needy guy. Give me some love.

...If you want leads, new customers and engaged visitors, then let's fess up. You need a voice. A reality. Real people doing real business.

Ask yourself, can we do it? Can we have a voice that is engaging and authentic? Can we bust free of "corporate speak" just for one area of our web site or one newsletter? Can we dare to have a voice?

In his entry from June, he provides three examples of how businesses can use blogs.

Man, he gets it. I think that eventually, weblogs, in some form or another, will become a standard part of many corporate web sites. It will take time and it may never be a majority- but I think we'll be seeing a lot more companies take the plunge soon.

Via: Wigley and Associates