Postive Feedback ROCKS!

I’ve had this Weblog up since about mid-June and it is my labor of love. I look forward to any chance I get to post something interesting- something that I hope will point someone to something new. A few times recently I’ve received random email from visitors to the site. These folks really inspire me and help me feel like people are indeed paying attention:

Lee, I read your post and have spent some time this week looking over your blog, as well as some of the blogs you have links to. I have never really understood the point of blogs, except as being a virtual online journal. However, I do think there are some growing potential business and educational uses of them, so they are now something that I have to keep on my radar screen… I just wanted to thank you for your post and for opening the door to me in this new area of learning. Additionally, I want to wish you luck now that you have become an independent consultant.

Compliments on a site with loads of great info, links, and, of course, your own take on things. I've been researching my own blog. I also do corporate communications and change. You site has helped me greatly. Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoyed your weekend away.

As I’m just getting started, these kinds of notes really keep my chin up and help me push on as hard as I can go. I want more than anything to help others see the opportunities that I see and it’s great to know that I’ve helped a few folks out there. :-) Thanks!