Great Business Weblog Example: Northfield Construction Company

Northfield Construction Company: Weblog

This is inspiring to me. These guys are a construction company in Minnesota who are keeping a weblog on the front page of their web site.

That's great and all- but I think about being a prospective customer of these folks and how this weblog works in the sales/evaluation process.
Particularly, think about how this differs from a normal, mostly static website.

Sure you get the "Northfield is Great" kind of stuff, but you also get an almost-daily window into the lives of the owners, the workers and the projects. You can get a feel for their values, their work, their attitude, etc.- on an ongoing basis.

How many business sites do you see talking about a recent vacation of the owners? Something like that would make most business owners chuckle, but I think information like that helps customers or potential customers feel closer to the company- and it comes from the tone and form of a weblog.

Through the weblog, you get to know the people inside Northfield Construction- not just the company. In my mind, that is really, really powerful.

Via: I-Blog and Griff Wigley