Amazon Light Pushes the Envelope has long been recognized as the leader in web site usability. Most of the books and articles you read reference their site as a model of usability.

Now they've opened up the development of Amazon-affiated web sites. This means that individuals can create their own version of an Amazon site, but present the site in any way they want. Plus, if people buy from them, the individual gets a cut.

For example,Kokogiak Media has created Amazon Light, which is a different and more simple animal than the normal site, but isn't as fully finctional. Amazon is providing the data and Kokogiak is reshaping the experience around it.

From "About Amazon Light"

Amazon Light uses's Search capabilities and returns the information in a rather plain-vanilla manner. Hopefully the end result is a faster, cleaner search experience - moreso than can be found at the original site.

Some new functions are in kokogiak's Amazon Light include: Search results displayed with little pictures, you have "your list" which works like a wishlist/shopping cart and an advanced search funtion.

I believe making the online experience more usable for the average person is absolutely essential and it's great to see Amazon (through their affiliates) experimenting with new ways to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Via: The Useful Arts