NYT: Blogs in the Workplace

New York Times: Blogs in the Workplace

Well, it would appear that the New York Times is interested in weblogs. It seems like they have been posting an articles regularly on the subject.

This one is focused on using weblogs for internal teams- which I think is a great use of weblogs for business. One of the problems with email and instant messaging is that there is no home for the communication- it's filed away on the individual's copmputer. Using a weblog allows teammates to use a single site to post updates, links and discussion topics. Since it is a weblog, it organizes and archives everything for reference.

Mr. Tang has also used blogs to coordinate group projects, like the recent process of interviewing job candidates for a programming position. The various people at the company who spoke to each candidate posted their comments on a password-protected Web log.

The opportunities for internal teams to use weblogs is incredible in my opinion. Like online communities, they offer "place" for storing and organizing communications.

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