Weblogs and High Rankings in Google

I am constantly amazed by the power of weblogs in getting high Google search rankings. For example...

On my personal blog, I documented the process we went through to install crown moulding in our bedroom. It was only one post and it's not the focus of my site by any means. I titled the post "Crown Moulding Installation."

If you go to Google and search for "Crown Moulding Installation"- my post is the first result you see. This amazes me because there must be hundreds of sites out there that document how to install crown moulding from fully qualified professionals. Yet, my site, the site of a home improvement amateur is the first result.

The reason is rooted in how weblogs work with Google. Google likes sites that are updated often and linked-to by other web sites. Since both of these attributes are common with weblogs, weblog sites get a lot of "Google Juice"- meaning the power to get high rankings in Google searches.

The same is true with my friend Anthony, whose weblog post is the first result in Google when searching for a review of Apple's new i-Pod accessory, the i-Trip. Like me, he is just someone that decided to post their review of something cool on his weblog. He's not an official reviewer, but he has a weblog, so he has the power to get higher rankings than other sites.

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Final note: Each site I've linked-to above is getting a little more Google Juice from this post- increasing their power to get higher rankings.